Thursday, May 6, 2010



according to me, SELF-PRESERVATION (n.) is an act of avoiding and/or feigning annoyance or indifference (towards a person or a situation) to keep the self from becoming more and more emotionally attached. usually, the attachment here is perceived as inappropriate.

in a sentence: "___, I think I shouldn't hangout with you as often. I might fall and fall hard. I sure don't want to get hurt. Might as well stay away... It's a self-preservation thing."

i am mamaru.
and i just found out
that this self-preservation thing
is actually heartbreaking...


Niel Steve said...

pahk! ang landi mo! =)

b(" ,)d said...

kembot, kembot, PAHK! :D

mana ako sayo, remember? nyahahaha! i miss you!