Sunday, July 25, 2010

my nominees for "the emerging influential blogs writing project"

i am a blog-hopper. i go from one blog to another. then again, there are a very few blogs that i frequent. and with the very many blog sites mushrooming in cyberspace, only a handful make me linger on their turfs, and really make me want to read their entries. i pick blogs based on site appearance, themes, the authors' fluency in writing, and more importantly the relevance of their entries in my life...

here are my nominees for ms. janette toral's project: top 10 emerging influential blogs writing project. please vote for them too! :)

Fat Girl No More - teacher ria braves two of the most difficult things to do: to manage weight and to inspire others to do the same. :)

The Accidental Teacher - teacher ria isn't only a teacher to her students but to her fellow teachers as well.

i've recently discovered the following blogs thru a friend! :) i am also voting for...
NomNom Club
Surviving Autism
Christian Homeschooler

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that's it! :) time for me to go blog hop-hop-hoppin'! :)